Life Happens For You

Personal / July 12, 2023 / 3 mins read

Yesterday, I was struck by heart-wrenching news: my dear friend and mentor-figure, Eric P. Patel , had passed away on Saturday. Processing his sudden departure has been a tricky maze of emotions. As I navigate my grief , I find myself flooded with vibrant memories and invaluable lessons he imparted. Eric, a proud Tony Robbins Firewalker , taught many powerful life lessons, one of which resonates more powerfully than ever in this moment of loss.

Eric lived by the philosophy that life doesn’t just happen to you, it happens for you. Even in moments of pain and suffering, he found purpose and learning. His unique emblem of this philosophy? A Black Clover hat he’d often be seen donning. To him, and now me, this hat was more than a simple accessory. It was a symbol of a mindset.

Let me share with you the Black Clover story .

Sometimes great things occur by chance, but more often, they happen by choice. When Black Clover began, the vision was rooted in creating a unique, quality headwear that stood out in the saturated market. The first Black Clover hat was simple yet distinctive, with a fine contrast stitching, a high-performance headband, and an authentic logo that grabbed attention. The four-leaf clover symbolized hope, peace, and, of course, luck. After creating this logo, the slogan “Live Lucky” was conceived, inspiring individuals to create an authentic life filled with unique experiences.

Black Clover wasn’t merely a brand; it was a symbol of a higher quality of life, an affirmation of uniqueness, and a call to create your luck. Eric lived this philosophy to the fullest, inspiring me and countless others to do the same.

Imagine life as a narrative unfolding for you, rather than an event happening to you. What if even your most painful experiences were designed to help mold you into who you’re destined to become? How might such a perspective transform your outlook?

You can’t rewrite the pain of your past, or negate the tragic, unfair occurrences of life. People may enter your life only to cause you hurt, appearing monstrous through the lens of suffering. But remember, they’re also there to serve you. They awaken your authentic self, propel you towards greater heights, and guide you towards who you were truly meant to be.

Eric’s passing has underscored this reality for me. Though the pain of his loss is profound, I can’t deny the transformative impact of his presence in my life. I’m choosing to remember him not just as a friend lost, but also as a catalyst for growth and change.

Luck can come by chance, but living lucky, like Eric did, comes by choice. As we process our pain and carry forward, let us choose to live a more authentic, luckier life.